Up close with Kyle Patrick

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 16 December 2011 4:42 PM | Updated 4:50 PM

Up close with Kyle Patrick

Did you go crazy the last time The Click Five was here?

Well, you can go crazy again because lead vocalist of The Click Five, Kyle Patrick, will be here on December 20 to perform for us again.

Let Patrick serenade your night away with songs like “Take Me Home” and “Don’t Think Twice”.

A musician at the age of six, he not only commits to making music but is also commited to giving back to others.

He takes part in marathons to raise funds, and performed for benefit concerts to raise awareness for different foundation.

We got a chance to interview the singer and he told us that he wanted to be a genie to grant people’s wishes!

Check out what else Kyle Patrick has to say here:


Could you tell us more about your music?

The music I'm writing has a positive message and uplifting nature. My solo album is in the works - the first song "Go For Gold!" is done and my mission now is to get the song involved in the 2012 London Olympics.

I'm currently on tour in Asia to start spreading the word about the album. Then I go back in the New Year and finish it. I plan to release it in May 2012.


What made you decide to work on a solo project?

It's another creative outlet for me. It's another way to write songs and stretch myself musically and as a performer.  


What’s the difference playing in a band and working solo?

The main difference is that when 5 people are in a room together working on songs and arrangements, it will ultimately come out different than if just one person were working on it. 

Kyle Patrick - Who Can I Run To


We understand you take part in marathons to raise funds, could you tell us what inspired that?

My friends and I joined the NYC Marathon in 2010 as a challenge to ourselves--a testament that we could accomplish something really difficult.

On top of all of this, I raised funds for charity--in 2010 for ‘Team For Kids’ and this year for The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, so it was definitely a win-win, even though I didn't actually win the race ;)


What makes you the happiest man on earth?

Other than music? Being connected to the Earth somehow. General serenity does the trick.


If you were given a genie who’d grant you three wishes, what would you ask for?

1. To be able to tour in all the locations I want and where people ask me to go.

2. Free guitars

3. Me to become a genie so I could grant wishes.


What’s the first concert you ever attended? How was it like?

It would have to be my 5th Grade Talent show. It was horrific but in a good way.

I played guitar and hadn't really developed my singing voice yet. I played two songs--No Doubt's "Don't Speak" and Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Good" on an American-made Fender Telecaster that my parents got me as a Christmas gift.

The first real concert I went to as an audience member was Eric Clapton. It was mind-blowing. My musical career and development started as a guitar player, so I really idolized him. He also has an amazing, soulful voice. So I find he is a big influence on me overall.

Kyle Patrick - Another Life


What inspired you to start on a music career?

My Parents. They got me a miniature guitar at age 6 and I wouldn't put it down. They encouraged me to take lessons, keep going, and disregard the people that made fun of me, which definitely happened. I honestly wanted to quit a lot of times, but they kept me moving forward. I owe everything to them.


You’ve played almost every musical instrument there is, which is your favourite and which do you think you play best?

I definitely can't say I've played every musical instrument, but I like to try different things mainly as an outlet for ideas. I'd say I feel strongest as a singer and Guitarist, but even then I don't find myself to be prolific at either. 


Who’s your idol? Could be anyone.

Paul McCartney - huge influence as a musician and person. 


What’s the first thing you do when you tour a new country?

Try local foods and visit local shops. Take in as much as I can from the culture. I'm looking for new experiences and not what I already know from home.


What’s the one thing you MUST have everywhere you go? Why?

Headphones and my iPhone. I'm listening to music constantly. Whether it's a new album I like, or something I'm working on. I like to create tracks and then walk around listening to them writing lyrics as I walk. I live in NYC, which is a very diverse and inspiring place.


Of all the songs you’ve ever written, which is your favourite one? Why?

“Go For Gold!” - was the most intense song-writing process. It was a group effort with all of my closest friends who are really, really talented. It is the result of pushing through obstacles. It is a huge anthem and the message is just that – pushing through and not taking no for an answer and to keep moving forward.

Kyle Patrick will be here on December 20 to perform at TAB. Tickets are available at priced at $45 (Standard) and $65 (VIP).