Upclose with The Pinholes

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 14 December 2011 5:28 PM | Updated 5:44 PM

Upclose with The Pinholes

Local band, The Pinholes, boasts impressive achievements, having played at gigs around the region as well as at one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world, South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas last year.

The rock ‘n roll band guarantees to bring 100% of their energy to the stage, and give their audiences a rockin’ good time. With their original festive song titled “Besok, Oh Yeah” which was used as a sound-track for a tele-movie aired on Suria, as well as other impressive tunes such as the upbeat track titled “Preferably” and the subtler “Youth Of Goal”, they are sure to entertain you with their various rhythms and tunes.

Aside from the many gigs they’ve played for, The Pinholes has also appeared on MediaCorp Radio’s Warna 94.2FM and Life Records of which they will be set to produce a Karaoke DVD called “Hitz Gempaq She” with DJ Nursha. Talk about impressive achievements.

Join other Pinholechios (what they call their followers and fans) and watch this four-piece band that will be playing at the upcoming Happy 3 + 65 Countdown Party 2011! It’s happening at the Marina Promontory during the New Year’s countdown.

Be sure to check them out there, but before that, check out what Famie, their lead vocalist and guitarist, has to say.

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What inspired you to start a band?

When I saw other groups or bands that make the world go round and put a smile on their (fans or general people) faces, It makes me think that this brings some kind of satisfaction, joyous or celebration. To make other people’s day is like one glorious moment for me. What’s more, if these people are able to sing my band’s tunes - that would be the most satisfying moment ever.


How do you get inspiration or are there any bands that inspire your music writing?

Well in terms of writing the lyrics, I just go on with what I feel like on the day itself.

There's a lot of group or bands that inspired me and the gang - groups like The Animals, The Beach Boys, and The Stoned Revivals.


With such impressive achievements, as a local band, how does it feel to have played in countries abroad?

Of course, we feel very honoured to able to bring our music abroad; we treat everything like that like a bonus, really. Apart from that, we get to learn how other people react to our music


Which are your favourite bands?

Too many to name but the best 10 is The Stoned Revivals, Force Vomit, The Quests, Straydogs, The Who, The Doors, Ocean Colour Scene, The Beach Boys, The Padres and The Kinks. 


What is it like living with one another? Do you think you guys would be able to stand each other if the four of you were stranded on an island?

For now, we haven’t really lived together but we really meet a lot in a week, like almost every day. To be stranded on an island, I guess I would talk more or do art like Picasso and other creative things if they (the band) are not playing music.

Art and music are just my type.


Favourite part of New Year celebration? Like maybe, food, or the crowd?

When everyone do the countdown together, it’s like we are connected - no race and we’re all brothers and sisters. There’s no barrier between young and old, at work or in our sleep - it’s just everywhere. I guess that what we are going after. And then in a spilt second, we are in the New Year. 

Check them out at , you can also listen to their songs and get updates from the band there!

Catch The Pinholes as well as other home-grown acts such as Black Forest, Sleeq, Deon Toh, Natalie Hiong, Wei-En, Catalogue V, Cheryl Wee and various institutions at the Happy 3+65 Countdown Party 2011 that’s happening at the Marina Promontory on 31st December 2011.