Vertical Horizon hits Singapore in May

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 20 April 2012 11:33 AM | Updated 11:38 AM

Vertical Horizon hits Singapore in May

The American alt-rockers — Matt Scannell, Steve Fekete, Ron LaVella and Cedric LeMoyne — will perform their debut concert here.

“When will Vertical Horizon ever hit Singapore?” is a question many fans have been asking since the band’s debut in 1991 and topped charts in 1999 with ‘Everything You Want’.

If you’ve been praying, begging and hoping that they will finally touch down on Singapore’s soil, then your years of prayers have been answered as the band will be here on 6 May, 7pm at The Coliseum Hard Rock Hotel Singapore!

The chart-topping band has been around for a good 11 years and finally, it will be their first time in Singapore.

No matter how old you are, surely you’ve heard of the song ‘You’re a God’ playing on every single English radio channel in Singapore back in 2000 when the single first came out.

‘Everything You Want’ - Vertical Horizon

They’ve gone on a hiatus for awhile, re-vamped their band and some of its members and perhaps, some may even say that the bands music have changed. But hey, if they don’t change at all throughout 11 years, people will just find them boring or less appealing right?

Rest assured that Vertical Horizon is as you remembered them to be.

Don’t miss their first ever concert in Singapore. Grab your tickets from 19 April at all SISTIC outlets. Tickets are priced at $88 with a 10% early bird discount if you grab them before 25 April. Prices exclude $3 SISTIC charge.