Video: Backstage at Cirque Mother Africa

By Zaki Jufri & Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 12 April 2012 2:30 PM | Updated 5:03 PM

Video: Backstage at Cirque Mother Africa

As the day to the opening night of Cirque Mother Africa draws nearer, the troupe, comprising of men, women and even younger aspiring acrobats, rehearsed to ensure a fantastic performance.

To be held at the Esplanade Theatre from 12 to 15 April, the circus consists of more than 40 artists from Africa, performing acrobatics, dance, percussion and songs for audiences. Not forgetting, the 100% African joy they put into making the performance a spectacular one.

We went backstage to watch some of the acrobats perform their heart-stopping, eye-opener stunts.