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Watch: Trailer for 'Scary Movie 5'

By AFP RelaxNewsMovies - 28 December 2012 5:23 PM | Updated 5:30 PM

Watch: Trailer for 'Scary Movie 5'

Seven years after the first installment, 'Scary Movie' will be hitting the big screen again this spring. The movie by Dimension Films stars Ashley Tisdale and Erica Ash, who replace Anna Faris and Regina Hall.

Set for an April 11, 'Scary Movie 5' will be back with a new cast but the same recipe, mocking the latest Hollywood hits -- particularly horror movies. The trailer shows bits of 'Inception', 'Black Swan' and 'Paranormal Activity' parodies.

Lindsay Lohan, Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen, Molly Shannon, Kate Walsh and Mike Tyson will also feature in the movie directed by Malcolm D. Lee.