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That Sinking Feeling: ‘Life of Pi’ vs ‘Titanic’

By Tay Yek KeakMovies - 29 November 2012 5:18 PM | Updated 03 December 2012

That Sinking Feeling: ‘Life of Pi’ vs ‘Titanic’

In Lee Ang’s spiritual fantasy-adventure, ‘Life Of Pi’, a ship carrying people and animals from a zoo in India to a new home in Canada tragically sinks in the Pacific Ocean.   The only human survivor is an Indian teenager, Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma), who’s stranded on a lifeboat at sea for 227 days with a bunch of animals.

It’s a very, very weird occasion.  And a very, very wet one too.  A wet thing?  A ship sinks?  Hang on, doesn’t this sound vaguely familiar?  Now, we understand that James Cameron’s 1997 waterlogged epic, Titanic, wasn’t about God, the cycle of life, magic realism, spiritual metaphysics and a gentle orang utan chilling too closely to a carnivorous hyena. 

But would you believe it?  We managed to uncover a few similarities with 'Life Of Pi' nonetheless.  


'Life of Pi'


‘Titanic 3D’: That sinking feeling again

Scrawny kid named Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) gets onboard a cruise ship that will eventually sink.

‘Life of Pi’: Powerful

Scrawny kid named Pi Patel (Suraj Sharmal) gets onboard a cargo ship that will eventually sink.


Primary aim of journey is for immigrants to look for a better life in America

Primary aim of journey is for immigrants to look for a better life in Canada


Ship divided into three classes – first class, second class and third class (cos’ class differentiation was a social practice in the early 1900s)

Ship divided into two classes – human class and animal class (cos’ it’s transporting a zoo of animals from India to Canada)


Ship sinks when it hits an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean

Ship sinks when it hits a storm in the Pacific Ocean


Very dangerous animal which Jack Dawson is trapped onboard the 'Titanic' with in the middle of the ocean – the rich, arrogant villain Caledon Hockley (played by Billy Zane)

Got $49,000 to spare? Buy the 'Life of Pi' lifeboat

Very dangerous animal which Pi Patel is trapped onboard a lifeboat with in the middle of the ocean – a hungry, very ferocious Bengal tiger


Richard Parker could’ve been the name of a passenger on the Titanic (who knows?)

Richard Parker is the name of the tiger on the lifeboat


Fat thing who takes up space on a piece of wood floating in the ocean – a helpless Kate Winslet

Fat thing which takes up space on the lifeboat drifting in the ocean – an injured zebra


What you keep laughing at when you see 'Titanic' – the sappy “I’m the king of the world” scene

What keeps laughing when you see 'Life Of Pi' – the laughing hyena which is very scary as it attacks other animals


Kate Winslet turns into an animal when she has did the **ahemmm*** with Leonardo DiCaprio 

There’s no – we repeat – absolutely no *intimate relations* between the dude and the tiger 


What 'Titanic' means – no matter how rich you are, the damn ship still sinks

What 'Life Of Pi' means – no matter how spiritual you are, the damn ship still sinks


Possible alternative title for 'Titanic' – Very Expensive Water Project

Possible alternative title for 'Life Of Pi' – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Karma


 'Life of Pi' is still showing in theatres