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The school holidays start this weekend

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 23 May 2012 3:06 PM | Updated 6:07 PM

The school holidays start this weekend

The school holidays will be knocking on your doors this weekend! What better time to spend some quality time with your family than during the school holiday weekends? No homework, no bedtime restrictions, just a 100 per cent fun-time for your little ones.

If your little ones just cannot get enough of the classic fairytale “The Little Mermaid”, then bring them for an actual performance of the famous fairytale! Give them an out-of-the-book experience and go down to ACE! Festival 2012: The Little Mermaid(through 27 May). Since there were many versions and endings to that fairytale, will this one be a happy ending to the likes of the Disney rendition of “The Little Mermaid”?

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For the older children, take them to a fun musical, A Chorus Line(through 27 may) which tells a motivational tale of aspiring Broadway dancers, working so hard to achieve their dreams. It also tells of the harsh reality of life, goals and dreams. This musical could, perhaps, give your elder children a wake-up call, spurring them to work harder to achieve their future goals!

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Does your child keep asking you why human beings don’t fall of the round surface of Earth? Or why doesn’t it snow in Singapore? How about which man built the gigantic volcanoes? Well, help to satisfy their craving for knowledge and take them down to Earth - Our Untamed Planet Exhibition. Addressing all the “what, where, why and how’s” of the forces of nature and their significant impact on the activities of lives of Man, this exhibition promises an immersive experience for visitors and enables them to venture deeper into the Earth to learn more about its secrets.

“Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping!” a popular quote in the children television series “Dora The Explorer”. If your children are big fans of the little explorer and her monkey companion, Boots, screaming “backpack” or “map” all the time, then it’s time to treat them to Dora The Explorer Live! “Search for the City of Lost Toys”(25-29 May). Embark on a journey with Dora and her friends in this all-new musical adventure as they journey through the number pyramid in search of Dora’s missing teddy bear, Osito. Kids are sure to enjoy this number especially with their idol dancing and singing ‘Live’ and not inside of the television set.

Andy Warhol may be a foreign name to some children, but if they love art and share the same passion as Warhol, then take them to the Children’s Season 2012: Silkscreen Printing Workshop(through 24 Jun). The pop artist, Warhol, used silkscreen printing as one such technique to produce his artworks and now’s the chance for your kids to create their own masterpieces at the silkscreen printing workshop! If you’ve always been interested in visiting the Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal exhibition, there’s more reason to visit it now. The workshop is a complementary acitivity, it’s catered for children and adults, and the silver cloud exhibit is definitely a fun place for kids to be at! Not to mention the fun photobooth where you can dress up as Andy Warhol.

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Sweet treats are a score with both kids and adults, here’s one place where you can satisfy all your sugar-cravings and learn some facts about the candies you put into your mouth. Candy Unwrapped Exhibition features the biology, chemistry, physiology and psychology behind the sweet treats. Uncover the truth behind some common health myths related to candy and sugar and explore how taste and your other senses are used to determine what tastes good. Of course, the best part is you get to enjoy the rich history of cultural diversity of candy and other yummy treats from all around the world.

For more ideas on more things to do this weekend, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive events calendar. Have a great weekend everyone and see you back here next week.