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Welcome to the new inSing Movies!

By Zaki JufriMovies - 12 November 2013 12:00 AM | Updated 3:13 PM

Welcome to the new inSing Movies!

Welcome to the brand new inSing Movies! 

It is our most comprehensive redesign to date, featuring a new home page, new article pages, new navigation, new sharing tools, and other cool new stuff. 

We changed just about everything except the content itself. Your favourite cinemas, all the information about the latest movies, trailers, writers and critics are all still here.


The website is much bigger than it used to be, with more stories, features, galleries and reviews as we did when we first started.

Our new home page and navigation tools allow us to show you more content, making it easier for you readers to keep up with the latest news and gossip from the movie world.

One of the first things you notice on inSing Movies is that we’ve done away with the traditional carousel of leading reports and its place are the latest movie offerings.

All the latest movies will be up front, while features and critics’ reviews will be after the first fold.

Now you may get hold of movie showtimes, movie information and synopses, the latest trailers, what others have to say about the latest screenings, and the hottest movie news on the site.

Get the latest movie showtimes at inSing Movies


inSing Movies has also moved to a robust and responsive design, optimising the reading experience for desktops, smartphones and tablets, and following the example of publications such as Time, Mashable and our very own

About a third of inSing Movies’ readership now accesses the publication on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Now, whether you’re on an iPhone or a Samsung Note, you will get the same reading experience.


One of the reasons why inSing Movies is Singapore’s favourite movie website is that we have the most comprehensive movie database with all the latest showtimes, all at one place. A day out with friends or a special movie date with that special someone is made easier when deciding where and what movie to watch. 

One of the most often requested feature from our diehard fans was personalisation, and it is finally  available now.

Just click on the "heart" to save your favourite cinema

With the new redesign, just "save" your favourite cinemas and everytime you return to inSing Movies, you will see what’s on at your preferred venues. 


Of course, we're always improving the website and before you know it, inSing Movies will have an extensive archive of past movies, actors' biographies, movie trivia, and more. 


Share what you have to say of your favourite/least favourite movie

Think that 'Gravity' is the most awesome movie you have seen to date? Or that George Clooney has passed his sell-by date? Or 'Thor: The Dark World' was really a 'Loki' movie? Now it's even easier to share your thoughts and reviews with other movie buffs.

So jump right in and get involved in our growing Movie Lovers community.