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What to check out at Art Stage Singapore 2012

By Zaki JufriEvents - 28 December 2011 3:00 PM | Updated 09 January 2012

What to check out at Art Stage Singapore 2012

Above: Chen Zhen's "Daily Incantations"

When it comes to art, BIG can sometimes be definitely better as these monumental works by some of the contemporary art world’s leading artists can prove.

Antony Gormley  - “Drift VIII”

If you’ve ever looked up at the lobby of Marina Bay Sands hotel, you might have seen Antony Gormley’s massive work. Known for creating sculpture that explores the relation of the human body to space at large, explicitly in large-scale installations, Gormley for Art Stage Singapore 2012 has especially created a new piece from his “Drift”. Made from 2mm square sections of stainless steel, the intricate sculpture is true Gormley’s style.


Gao Brothers – “World Hug Day”

The Gao Brothers are a pair of artist brothers based in Beijing and authors of several published works, including “How Far Can You Walk in One Day in Beijing” and “The Current State Of Chinese Avant-Garde Art.”  Due to the controversial nature of some of their works, the pair has oftentimes run afoul of Chinese law. The cool peeps at Vue Privee and the Chinese art duo’s piece requires some help from us. The artists are hoping for over 1,000 people to set a record in this large-scale experiment, in which participants hug for 15 minutes, then come together in a five-minute giant group hug at the end. Awwww… Nothing like a group hug.  (14 Jan, 9am, Event Plaza at Marina Bay Sands)


Chen Zhen -“Daily Incantations”

The late Chinese artist Chen Zhen’s art deals with many issues, ranging from international politics to the life of the individual, and in his artistic practice he searched for a visual synthesis which clearly expressed, especially from an aesthetic point of view. Zhen relied on items familiar in everyday life to convey his idea of universal harmony. Furniture, newspapers, glass, typewriters, candles, brooms proliferate in installations that take hold of the space they share with the visitor. His “Daily Incantations” is one such work. A sight to behold, the work is created from 101 nightstools (Chinese chamber pots). The nightstools are then suspended from a large structure reminiscent of an ancient Chinese instrument, and in its centre is a large globe completely covered with old radios, televisions, telephones, and other debris of electronic communication. All the while, sounds of Chinese women ritually cleaning can be heard from speakers within the work. Just awesome.


Bose Krishnamachari – “Ghost Transmemoir”

Bose Krishnamachari – “Ghost Transmemoir”

Artist and art activist Bose Krishnamachari’s diverse artistic and curatorial practice include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, furniture, design, installation and architecture. His artistic endeavors plumb creative depths to give contemporary Indian art a nouvelle direction. For his “Ghost Transmemoir” piece, Krishnamachari employs an essential piece from daily Indian life into his art—the tiffin box.  Designed with 108 used tiffin boxes suspended from a frame and wired with headphones and miniature screens, the installation captures the buzz of the chaotic Mumbai streets, while the small screens flash man-on-the-street interviews that share people’s thoughts, celebrations, frustrations, religions and emotions, and are a reminder of the individual voices and stories to be found amongst a total of 20.8 million Mumbaikar.


Rirkrit Tiravanija – “Untitled 2008-2011 (the map of the land of feeling)”

This massive work claimed three years of work from the internationally-renowned New York-based artist Tiravanija, and was completed in April 2011. The project is a three part scroll, 0.9 metres high and about 26 metres long.  This work essentially chronicles the last 20 years of his life, his recurring themes and historical references. The maps and arrows record locations where Tiravanija has traveled and exhibited.  There are recipes which refer to his practice of preparing and feeding visitors at his exhibitions.  Interspersed throughout each of the three scrolls are repeated silhouettes of iconic art works by Marcel Duchamp and Marcel Broodthaers.

Art Stage Singapore 2012 runs from January 12-15 at Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre. Tickets $30-60.