Who’s Bad?: Thriller Live comes to Singapore

By Zaki JufriEvents - 25 April 2011 3:19 PM | Updated 3:58 PM

Who’s Bad?: Thriller Live comes to Singapore

 He may have passed on nearly two years ago but his music and magic is still alive and well thanks to his biggest fan Adrian Grant.

The founder and creator of Thriller Live, a celebration of Michael Jackson’s music, Adrian Grant was the late singer’s friend for almost 20 years.

They first met back in 1990 when Jackson invited Grant to Los Angeles when the singer was recording Dangerous at the time. “It was an amazing experience (meeting Michael Jackson). He was a really kind and down to earth person,” says Grant

“And from that meeting, everything just developed—the books, the magazine and the tribute show. The tribute show which happened annually just grew bigger and bigger. Eventually I thought that the show should be for everyone and not just for Michael’s fans; and that’s when I got the idea for Thriller Live,” he adds.

Having dazzled audiences in London's West End since January 2009, Thriller Live comes to the Marina Bay Sands’ Grand Theatre in Singapore from May 3 to 15. The musical is a spectacular celebration of the life and career of Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five. It includes back-to-back hits from these musical greats. The show has since played in over 22 countries to over 1.2 million people according to Grant who is the show’s executive director: “People all over the world seem to love it and the response we got is absolutely fantastic.”

You can look forward to a two-and-a-half hour concert spectacular live concert complete with 10 dancers, five singers and a six-piece band, celebrating the music of the legendary singer. For those who have not had a chance to see the legend live, this is where they can get a little taste of his magic on stage.

With Thriller Live being a show about The King of Pop, getting the show off the ground was not without difficulty. “We all know that Michael Jackson is a perfectionist and is known as the world’s greatest showman, and to encapsulate some of that magic on stage means that you have to produce a really special show with a lot of talented people. Just getting the right talent for the show was a hard thing to do,” he explains. The production went all over the world to find the right people for the show and according to Grant, the cast that Singaporeans will be seeing is one of the best cast they have right now.

One of the questions that he always gets asked if the show was any different since Jackson’s passing. “I don’t think it changed one bit. It was always a celebration of his work. The show has maintained true my vision from Day 1-- a celebration of Michael’s work. Now that Michael has passed, the show has become more meaningful in a sense.”

Thriller Live is on from May 3-15 at The Grand Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. Tickets $90, $110 $130 available at Sistic.