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Will Smith and Ang Lee Team Up for Gemini Man

By Jedd JongMovies - 25 July 2017 4:14 PM

Will Smith and Ang Lee Team Up for Gemini Man

In the thriller Gemini Man, Will Smith will face off against his greatest enemy: himself. The sci-fi action film is about an ageing assassin who tried to quit the hitman business, but finds himself battling his own clone. Said clone is 25 years younger than him and at the height of his skills.

Ang Lee (Brokeback MountainLife of PiBilly Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk) is set to direct the film, which has been in various stages of development for some time. Screenwriter Darren Lemke (GoosebumpsShrek Forever After) first pitched Gemini Man to Disney in 1997. Screenwriters including Brian Helgeland, Andrew Niccol and David Benioff all wrote drafts, with directors Tony Scott and Curtis Hanson considered for the project.

Early efforts to make the film were stalled because the visual effects technology at the time was unable to convincingly allow an actor to play the same character at two separate ages in the same movie. Digital de-aging has since been used in films like The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonTron: LegacyAnt-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2.

Gemini Man is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Skydance Media, for Paramount Pictures. Paramount has set an October 2019 release date for the film.