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Winners to a pair of preview tickets to ‘Beautiful Creatures’

By inSing EditorMovies - 30 January 2013 4:48 PM | Updated 25 February 2013

Winners to a pair of preview tickets to ‘Beautiful Creatures’

Win! We have 30 pairs of preview tickets to Beautiful Creatures to giveaway!

Said to be the next 'Twilight', "Beautiful Creatures", a best-selling young adult fantasy novel written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is set in fictional Gatlin, South Carolina. 

The story talks about the protagonist, Ethan Wate, who lives with his writer father and housekeeper Amma who is more like his grandmother. On the first day of Ethan's sophomore year, he wakes up from a recurring dream he has been having about a girl he does not know. He also finds a song called Sixteen Moons on his iPod and also notices the smell of rosemary and lemon but he has no clue why. At school Ethan find out there is a new female transfer student and hears her playing Sixteen Moons in a band. When Ethan drives her home he almost runs over Lena looking for someone to help with her broken down car. It is when Ethan notices that she smells like lemon and rosemary he realizes that Lena is the girl from his dreams, and that they are connected through years of Gatlin and Caster history... 

Contest has closed. Congratulations to the following winners,

Name                   NRIC
Brian Cheung             SXXXX925D
Law Xin Ying               SXXXX187J
lemin li                      SXXXX889Z
Naeema Gulam           SXXXX789E
Sheraj Hussein            SXXXX466G
Han Yan                     SXXXX615B
Krithika Thiruppathi      SXXXX231D
Andee Peh                  SXXXX096A
Tan Qi Xuan                SXXXX673Z
Desmond Yap              SXXXX393Z
Cecily Luo                   SXXXX394H
Iffah Iesa                   SXXXX149A
Angeline Goh               SXXXX929G
Kelvin Quek                SXXXX800I
Tan Faustina               SXXXX536B
Yonatan Ng                 SXXXX530D
Hui Fang Chong           SXXXX826A
Justin Soon                 SXXXX815C
Choh Shin Fung           SXXXX521B
Lia Agustina                SXXXX207A
Joselyn Tan                 SXXXX453C
Jonathan Ong              SXXXX763C
Ryan Ocampo              SXXXX897J
George Ngoh                SXXXX783B
Angelia Ng                   SXXXX886B
Ghim Peng Teng          SXXXX636D
Bek Ching Ching          SXXXX116A
Joelle Yeo                   SXXXX823C

Sherman Ho                SXXXX325F

Redemption details will be sent to all winners via email within the next 48 hours. Be sure to check your mailbox!

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Movie Screening Details:

Date: Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: SHAW THEATRES LIDO @ 350 Orchard Road Shaw House Level 5

Rating: PG13

 *Ticket redemption starts at 6.30pm

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2. The (“Competition”) is opened to all Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents / Student / Work Pass holders., except SingTel Digital Media Pte Ltd (“STDM”) employees

3. Contest will run from 05 February 2013 to 11 February 2013.

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