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Winners of a pair of preview tickets to THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE

By inSing EditorMovies - 05 March 2013 7:07 PM | Updated 01 April 2013

Winners of a pair of preview tickets to THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE

Win! We have 50 pairs of preview tickets to the 'THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE' to giveaway!

Superstar magicians Burt Wonderstone (Steve Carell) and Anton Marvelton (Steve Buscemi) have ruled the Las Vegas strip for years, raking in millions with illusions as big as Burt’s growing ego.  But lately the duo’s greatest deception is their public friendship, while secretly they’ve grown to loathe each other.

Facing cutthroat competition from guerilla street magician Steve Gray (Jim Carrey), whose cult following surges with each outrageous stunt, even their show looks stale. But there’s still a chance Burt and Anton can save the act—both onstage and off—if Burt can get back in touch with what made him love magic in the first place.

Read on below to find out how you can stand a chance at winning! 

Contest has closed! Congratulations to the following winners,

Webster TaiSXXXX395J
Kailin OngSXXXX155D
Kenneth SeetSXXXX236H
Desmond ChinGXXXX113P
clive leeSXXXX451H
Michael KangSXXXX342F
Wee San TengSXXXX826A
Mei Kuan ChaiSXXXX527J
Justin LeongSXXXX645F
Kleiser LeeSXXXX648F
Jun Hao TanSXXXX495B
Chor Khee TanSXXXX440J
Crystal GohSXXXX459G
Lina KamsaniSXXXX117E
Yeo Tze Ling ClarissaSXXXX262A
Filyati RahmanSXXXX655A
David MoskowitzGXXXX781R
Ryan OcampoSXXXX897J
Norhayati Mohamed AmirSXXXX024Z
Dominic PhuaSXXXX997E
Felicia JiangSXXXX269A
Jiok Chuang GohSXXXX113Z
Jaimie LokeSXXXX550A
Poh Gee KohSXXXX019I
Tan Jun HongSXXXX723C
Alice AngSXXXX991B
Wee Wee AngSXXXX538E
Lihui YuSXXXX882C
Alan LimSXXXX829Z
Jacob TeoSXXXX484G
Joan TeoSXXXX984F
Jacob TeoSXXXX484G
Muslihah IsmailSXXXX003J
Hashmath FerozSXXXX486Z
Yip Pei QiSXXXX582E
Lawrence NeoSXXXx092G
Mohamed Naszrul Mohd HelmiSXXXX951B
Rahmat YusopeSXXXX580G
Nelson OngSXXXX419F
Vivian LeowSXXXX866D
Soh Chee LamSXXXX891H
Johanis Mohamed Juma'atSXXXX646A
Elaine TanSXXXX863J
Boon Teck ChewSXXXX723J
Isnur Hashim SamsudinSXXXX153A
Ang Wei ChongSXXXX593B
John LeowSXXXX884A
jeanette gohSXXXX605H

Secret password: Abracatastic

Actor Name's: Jim Carrey

Movie Screening Details:

Date: 13 March 2013

Time: 7.15 p.m.

Venue: Film Garde Bugis+

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