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Winners of movie tickets to 'Redemption' (M18)

By inSing EditorMovies - 09 July 2013 12:00 AM | Updated 02 August 2013

Winners of movie tickets to 'Redemption' (M18)

The contest period has ended and is now closed

'Redemption' (2013) Movie Synopsis:

'Redemption' stars global action star Jason Statham (Parker, The Expendables) as an ex-Special Forces soldier, who returns to London to face another kind of war: life on the streets as a damaged man struggling to find justice in a world saturated with violence. A gritty, explosive story about London's criminal underworld from Oscar® nominated screenwriter Steven Knight (Eastern Promises).

Movie Opens 18 Jul 2013

Watch 'Redemption' Movie Trailer here

Congratulations to all our winners!

Name FIN/IC Number
Shuyi QuekSXXXX282F
Ger Choo Tan           SXXXX745C
Chee Ming SiahSXXXX882H
Law Xin YingSXXXX187J
Regina NgSXXXX965I
Leng Leng ChuahGXXXX617M
Grace HungSXXXX607H
Doris RubelSXXXX998B
Lee Foong MoiSXXXX827H
Tomy NgSXXXX785B
Bharat MenonGXXXX076W
Jek Juan PangSXXXX997H
Chua Geok ChinSXXXX439H
Lovelle LauSXXXX314E
Jermaine ChanSXXXX946H

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