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Winners of Savages preview tickets!

By inSing EditorMovies - 04 September 2012 11:07 AM | Updated 11 September 2012

Winners of Savages preview tickets!

Win! We have 50 pairs of preview tickets to the ferocious crime thriller film, Savages directed by academy-award winning director, Oliver Stone and featuring an all-star ensemble cast such as Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, John Travolta & more up for grabs!

Based on the novel of the same name by Don Winslow, the story talks about two Laguna Beach marijuana growers who decide to confront a Mexican drug cartel when their shared hippie girlfriend, O is kidnapped. The stakes are high for University of California, Berkeley graduate Ben and former U.S. Navy SEAL Chon, when the ransom is every dollar they made from selling pot for the last five years, and with a dirty DEA agent also on their trail. For more details to the movie, view here.

Movie Screening Details:

Date: Wednesday, 12 September

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: SHAW THEATRES LIDO @ 350 Orchard Road Shaw House Level 5

Rating: R21 | Drug Use, Violence and Sexual Scenes

Contest has ended! Congratulations to the following winners,

Full NameFIN/NRIC:
Aqmar AnuarSXXXX532J
Sumei Geraldine LimSXXXX603Z
DIana HardieSXXXX685A
Kristina Roanna RodrigoGXXXX056R
Felicia JiangSXXXX269A
Iony IonyGXXXX466W
Priscilla MokSXXXX971F
Vincent LeeSXXXX731I
Mei Hong Aw SXXXX140D
Jessica  NgSXXXX611H
Wai Fong MakSXXXX154C
Youyi NgSXXXX065J
Natsumi YamadaGXXXX339N
Han Yann GhoSXXXX555G
Wen Hao SeetSXXXX931A
Angela LimSXXXX323I
Michael ChinSXXXX723J
liping xieSXXXX942Z
Lam Ngiuk ChinSXXXX191I
Gary LiewSXXXX831C
Vanessa FooSXXXX860I
Firdauz YahyaSXXXX711A
Jason Ang Jun JieSXXXX969B
Ang Cheng SunSXXXX544C
Saralyn LowSXXXX859J
Yong Kuan PohSXXXX881B
Zi Wei ChewSXXXX165I
Eric LimSXXXX878J
Ginnette ChoySXXXX986G
Harvey AlegradoSXXXX376A
Seng Hong ChuaSXXXX048A
Nancy GohSXXXX538J
Veronica PaulSXXXX599E
Trong Thi MaiGXXXX308K
Serene Wong Mei YingSXXXX422D
Wong Foot CheeSXXXX425D
Yio Ah WaSXXXX205H
Vicki WongSXXXX862A
Daniel NgSXXXX764D
Dolphin LimSXXXX757I
Deasy Permatasari WijayaSXXXX274D
Vincent LeeSXXXX731I
Eileen LeeSXXXX710Z
Ngoc Diep TonGXXXX155K
Shu Cheau KhoSXXXX593D
Bhavna NareshSXXXX526J
Colin LingSXXXX056F
Chu Yau TjiaSXXXX954A

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