WIN Tix to Romeo & Juliet!

By EditorEvents - 09 March 2011 12:34 PM | Updated 04 April 2011

WIN Tix to Romeo & Juliet!

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WIN Tix to catch the world's famous star-crossed lovers in action! Details revealed below.

Catch one of the world's greatest love stories in ballet, as Romeo & Juliet hits town at the end of this month. We catch up with lead dancer Rosa Parks for a short chat on playing Juliet, working with long-time dance partner Chen Peng and how she feels about her fans in Singapore!

Hi Rosa! How did you prepare yourself for the role of one of history's most renowned star-crossed lovers?

I am trying to get as much information as I can get to be Juliet. Reading books, watching movies, listening to music and seeing how other dancers perform Juliet online. I am trying to create my own Juliet. Unlike other classical ballet roles, Juliet requires a lot of acting rather than difficult techniques. So it is not just about showing ballet steps but I must transform my feelings into movements which I am used to doing it the other way round. I practiced the hard steps and put what I feel for that step.

How do you find Singaporean audiences as opposed to the audiences in other countries?

Singapore audiences are generally very well mannered. They feel for the performers and are always ready to cheer the performers on with loud claps. I will say that audiences differ only slightly in different countries due to their culture but on the whole they have all been supportive.

How is it like working with fellow lead, Chen Peng?

Since I joined SDT, Chen Peng has been my partner until now and I really enjoyed working with him. He is a great partner that every ballerina will want to dance with. Because we have worked together for quite awhile, we could sense and trust each other without talking and the best part is he knows how coordinate with me to make me graceful and beautiful on stage.

Is there a role that you would love to take on but have never had the opportunity?

Yes! Of course I still have a lot of roles that I never played. But I really want to try the role Tatiana from Onegin and Carmen. When I was young, I always wanted to dance something challenging technically but after dancing on stage for almost 15 years I want to try out something from a more artistic point of view. I do not want to be just a pretty ballerina but a full fledged artist. Romeo and Juliet is definitely a piece that requires alot of drama.

And finally, a word to your Singaporean fans?

“Hello!! Hope you are having a good start of 2011!! I am preparing for Romeo and Juliet at the moment and it is a beautifully sad story you do not want to miss! This story will make you feel what love is all about. Hope to meet all my ballet fans at the performance!”

WIN Tix to catch the world's famous star-crossed lovers in action!

We’ve got 3 pairs of tickets to giveaway to the Romeo & Juliet dance recital. Simply tell us who is the choreographer (click here for hint) and send in your entries to [email protected] along with your full name, NRIC, insing username and mobile contact.

Lucky winners will be attending the performance on Thursday, 24 March 2011 at 8pm.

Contest ends: 20 March 2011

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