Wonder Girls: Not just a one-hit wonder

By Denise LiMovies - 17 June 2010 2:00 PM | Updated 2:59 PM

Wonder Girls: Not just a one-hit wonder

While their uber-catchy song Nobody, the Wonder Girls became the first Korean group to enter the American Billboard Hot 100 charts. Now they’re out to prove that they’re no one-trick pony, and inSing finds out more about their future plans, and what they think about the World Cup.



How have you been enjoying your stay in Singapore?

We love it here although we’re still a little tired and jet-lagged. We really enjoyed watching the animal show at the Night Safari.


How do you feel about performing for your fans in the showcase this Friday?

We’re definitely excited, and have been putting in a lot of hard work preparing with for it by perfecting our dance routines.


Are you girls cellphone addicts? Which apps do you use the most?

We’re all Twitter addicts! It’s the best form of communication as we’re constantly touring and we use it to keep in touch with our fans, as well as family and friends back home.


Do you think being good-looking helped play a major part in your success?

It’s not something we constantly think about. We don’t always think that we’re gorgeous or beautiful. In fact, we think that they are many female groups out there who look really good. And we have our makeup artist to thank for always making us look good.


Do you have any beauty tips to share with your female fans?

Yes, cleansing well at the end of the day is a must-do!


The Wonder Girls recently lost to Super Junior in the Korean music charts. What’s your relationship with them like?

We’ve been working a lot with Super Junior and have become very close to them. They’re such a funny bunch of guys.


What do you have to say to detractors who just say that you’re a one-hit wonder?

That they can expect a lot more from us in the coming months. We’ve got a lot of great songs in the works. We try not to read bad stuff about ourselves although we recognise that it’s an inevitable part of being in the limelight. Most of the time, we try to look on the bright side; getting some kind of reaction is better than none at all. And sometimes the fans have constructive criticism and advice for us which we are willing to take on board so we can improve ourselves.  [The Wonder Girls’ latest single, 2 Different Tears, recently spent two weeks at number 1 in the Korean music charts]


You’re now based in the United States. Is there anything you miss about your days training at JYP Entertainment in Korea?

We miss hanging out with members of the other groups, like 2pm [Korean boy band] till late at night. We spent a lot of time talking and encouraging each other when the going got tough. In fact, we just went bowling with 2pm. We split into two teams, and the team that lost had to pay for everything!

The five of you spend so much time together and it can’t always be easy to get along. What do you quarrel about and how do you resolve the differences?

Sometimes we have different opinions about how our performances should be staged. We sometimes disagree on things like the order of the songs that should be performed, but we always make it a point to talk about it. In the end, we all want to put on the best performance that we can and we bond over our love for performing and for the stage.


Have you had any crazy or memorable fan encounters?

On our recent US tour, we met a fan who had all our names tattooed in Korean on his back. We were all astonished, but we thought it was very sweet of him to do something like that. It must have hurt a lot though!


What do you girls miss the most when you are on tour?

Having a good night’s sleep! We’re almost always up by 6am, even if we had a concert the night before. We try to catch up on our sleep on the plane but that’s never very comfortable. We also don’t get to talk to our friends and family back home as often as we like due to the time difference.


We heard that you girls are big fans of the South Korean team in this year’s World Cup. Did you watch the recent match where they beat Greece 2-0?

We really wanted to, but what happened was that the match was on at 4am in the United States where we were. We’d just finished a concert and were all tired, but we were still determined to watch the match, so just before bed, we put on our red Korea t-shirts and set our alarm clocks to wake up for the match. That didn’t happen … all of us slept through the alarm. We were sure to check the results the first thing in the morning when we finally woke up though!


The Wonder Girls Music Showcase takes place on Friday, June 18 at Marina Bay Sands, Exhibition Hall E, Basement 2 and 7pm. Members of the public would have received a pair of tickets on a first-come-first-serve basis with the purchase of any one of these four latest models from Sony Ericsson, XPERIA™ X10 mini, Vivaz™ pro, Vivaz™ ,XPERIA™ X10 from any participating outlets.

Additionally, be sure to catch The Wonder Girls at the following venues on Thursday, June 17.

- 1:00pm: SingTel hello! ComCentre

- 2:00pm: M1 Shop, Paragon

- 3:00pm: StarHub, Plaza Singapura, Open Plaza

- 4:00pm: Sony Ericsson Concept Store, Iluma