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Zack Snyder will be back for 'Man of Steel' sequel

By AFP RelaxNewsMovies - 12 June 2013 3:58 PM | Updated 4:04 PM

Zack Snyder will be back for 'Man of Steel' sequel

Warner Bros. has officially signed off on a Superman sequel, reveals

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Even before the release of 'Man of Steel', Superman's return to the silver screen in a new feature helmed by Zack Snyder has already been leaked to the press. The director will be teaming up again with David S. Goyer, who scripted 'Man of Steel' and had already contractually committed to writing the sequel.

The sequel, which won't be coming out for several years, is supposed to lay the foundations of the 'Justice League', Warner Bros.' answer to Disney's 'Avengers'. The greatest superheroes in the DC Comics pantheon, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash et al., will be pooling their forces in the name of Justice.

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Meantime, fans of made-in-Hollywood blockbusters won't have to wait long to see the latest avatar of the 'Man of Steel' in action: the movie rolls out this week.

'Man of Steel' opens in theatres 13 June 2013