A Silent Voice  (2017)

PLOT FOR A Silent Voice

Elementary boy Shouya Ishida is a straightforward delinquent with a lot of friends and is always looking for something fun in his life. When a deaf girl Shouko Nishimiya transfers to his class, Ishida gets curious about her deafness and starts bullying her for her impairment. His action is joined by some of his other friends in his class, and despite being bullied, Nishimiya tries her best to become friends with Ishida, but he refuses. When the bullying gets serious to the point where Nishimiya has to transfer to another school, the teacher and principal start to question the students in the class, and everyone puts the blame on Ishida. Soon, Ishida is isolated by his friends and becomes the subject of bullying throughout elementary school. Years later, Ishida enters high school and is no longer the same delinquent that he used to be. He finds no point in having friends, and his only aim in life is to find Nishimiya and redeem himself. 

Full Cast

Kensho Ono

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