Along With The Gods  (2018)

PLOT FOR Along With The Gods

An ordinary firefighter Ja-hong dies an unexpected death. In the afterlife, he is escorted by three Angels of Death led by Kang-lim, the head grim reaper. Ja-hong would need to go through 7 trials for over 49 days to prove he was innocent in human life and only then would he be able to be reincarnated. The Angels of Death are not supposed to get involved in human affairs, but because Kang-lim has affection for humans, he unavoidably gets involved in the matter.


Kim Yong-Hwa

Full Cast

Kim Ha-neul, Ma Dong-Seok, Cha Tae-Hyun, Kim Dong-wook, Ha Jung-woo, Lee Jung-Jae, Ju Ji-Hoon, Kim Hyang-gi

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