Insanity  (2015)
  • Insanity

  • Rated
    NC16 /
    Drama, Thriller
  • Language
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PLOT FOR Insanity

This Hong Kong thriller film follows a man named Fan Kwok-Sang, whose paranoia and violent temper led to the accidental death of his wife Wai-Ling, and he was committed to a psychiatric hospital three years ago. Now Fan is ready to be released, with Doctor Chow vouching for him even though his senior, Doctor Lui, objects. However, Fan finds it hard to cope with his new life. Something bad happens to him and Doctor Chow becomes obsessed in trying to defend his patient, as well as save his own reputation.

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  • Insanity 2015
  • Insanity 2015
  • Insanity 2015


David Lee

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Alex Fong Chung-Sun, Fiona Sit

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