Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!  (2017)

PLOT FOR Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!

Residing in Kanto region's Pallet Town, young boy Ash Ketchum dreams of travelling the world and earning the title of Pokemon Master. Celebrating his tenth birthday, Ash is filled with excitement as he is now old enough to become a Pokemon Trainer. After being late to pick up his first Pokemon from the town's local Professor, Ash stumbles upon an unruly Pikachu, and thus begins his life as a Pokemon Trainer. While earning Pikachu's trust, both of them witness the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh flying overhead. Picking up one of its feathers, both Ash and Pikachu promise to meet Ho-Oh again and start their journey of turning Ash into a Pokemon Master.


Kunihiko Yuyama

Full Cast

Ikue Ōtani, Sarah Natochenny, Jimmy Zopi

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