Rock Dog  (2017)
  • Rock Dog

  • Rated
    Animation, Comedy, Family
  • Language
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Bodi is a wide-eyed Tibetan Mastiff who is expected to take over his father's role as the next village guard to a group of fun-loving, country-side sheep. However, he doesn't have the passion for it. When a radio falls down from the sky and into the hands of Bodi, playing a song by rock legend Angus Scattergood, Bodi's heart is opened to a whole new world of music where he dreams of becoming a famous musician. As Bodi leaves his home to chase his dream, he attracts the attention of his father's nemesis, Linnux, leader of a hungry wolf pack who plans on using Bodi to get back into the village so that he can devour the delicious sheep. It is now up to Bodi to save them from danger but at the same time, follow his newfound dream.


Ash Brannon

Featured Cast

Full Cast

Eddie Izzard, Sam Elliott, Kenan Thompson, Mae Whitman, Lewis Black

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