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  • GeokLian Tiu
    31 Jan 20171 review
    Love this show. Good story and very entertaining too! We laughed a lot for the show!
  • Jkseow7
    30 Jan 20171 review
    A light hearted comedic film with limited elements of social reintegration. As per the title, the film may be better remade with take 2.
    What makes the film good: Most scenes are injected with a good sense of humor with the effective use of local dialects in conversations amongst the main cast of ex convicts and between the contemporary societal changes and members. This is further reinforced with various levels of stigma in various levels of social (society), structural (institution) and self (individual) towards the ex convicts. In this context, the interconnectedness and leveraging of social media proves to be both a vice and virtue. What can be improved: There seems to be a lack of portrayal in the challenges of reintegrating into the society along with the resolves and efforts of the ex-convicts to change for the better. This is probably due to the excessive comedic nature of the new year film as well as the limited character growth and development of the main cast. Contrary to conventional societal standards, the plot appears to paint an overly optimistic story in the rather smooth sailing process of gaining societal recognition and support.
    Cast, Cinematography