Take Me To The Moon  (2017)

PLOT FOR Take Me To The Moon

In 1997, six high school friends get together to form a band. En-pei, the feisty lead singer, is the heart of the group, while Cheng-hsiang, the guitarist, harbours a crush on her. On the eve of their graduation, En-pei gets to fulfill her dream of moving to and becoming a singer in Japan, thanks to the encouragement from Cheng-hsiang. But unfortunately, she meets with an unfortunate accident. Fast forward to the present, Cheng-hsiang reunites with the members of his high school band and reminisces about En-pei. He wonders if things would turn out differently if he didn't encourage En-pei to pursue her dreams all those years ago. On the way back home, Cheng-hsiang becomes drunk and gets hit by another vehicle. The accident miraculously transports him back to the past. This time, he decides to change the past by saving En-pei from making the same mistake.


Hsieh Chun-yi

Full Cast

Vivian Sung, Shih Chih Tian, Jasper Liu

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