The Battleship Island  (2017)

PLOT FOR The Battleship Island

Lee Kang-Ok is a bandmaster at a Kyungsung hotel. He leaves for Japan to protect his daughter, but they get sent to Hashima (Battleship Island) labour camp instead, where they are imprisoned and forced to mine for coal. Also sent to the camp are Choi Chil Seong, Kyungsung's best street fighter who constantly stirs up trouble while at the labour camp, and Park Moo-Yeong, a freedom fighter who infiltrates the island to rescue a key figure in the independence movement that is held captive there. They are among the 400 Korean workers who risk their lives to escape Hashima and their forced labour.


Ryoo Seung-wan

Full Cast

Song Joong-ki, Hwang Jung-Min, Kim Soo-Ahn, Lee Jung-hyun

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