This Beautiful Fantastic  (2017)
  • This Beautiful Fantastic

  • Rated
    PG /
    Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
  • Language
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PLOT FOR This Beautiful Fantastic

Bella Brown is a beautiful and quirky young woman who dreams of becoming a children's book author. However, she is reclusive and agoraphobic due to her bad childhood experience of being abandoned as a child, and is often scolded by her boss at the library. Nevertheless, she never gives up on her dream. One day, Bella is forced by her landlord to deal with her neglected garden or face eviction. She then meets Alfie Stephenson, a cantankerous, loveless, rich old man who lives next door and is an amazing horticulturalist. Overtime, Bella forms an unlikely friendship with Alfie.


Simon Aboud

Featured Cast

Full Cast

Jessica Brown Findlay, Anna Chancellor

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